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A variety of resources created by the Centre are available for free download, in order to benefit service providers and communities. The full list is available below.

Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre: A counselling and support centre for people in distress and/or are in an abusive relationship.
Assisting Victims of Violence Guidebook
Healing Starts Here: A service provider’s guide to responding to sexual abuse
Healing Starts Here: A guide for survivors of sexual assault
Healing Starts Here: A student’s guide to helping a friend who survived sexual assault
Important Facts About This Community You Need to Know
Welcome To All Newcomers: Information guide on healthy and unhealthy relationships.
Jessy Breaks the Silence (a storybook about abuse)
Senior Bullying: It isn’t just a problem for Kids.
WHERE THERE IS HELP, THERE IS HOPE: A training program for early intervention of late-life depression